Contained within, are unique writings, deep studies, and knowledge of His will that is not normally given or taught in this day of time.  Truth, in its simplicity, is something often overlooked.

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What, Is Love?

Love, like the human personality, or a diamond, has many facets. Each facet represents that one aspect shown to the observers of that facet, in their own understanding. Yet each facet is only a part of the sum total of the whole, when viewed together, reveal or reflect the hidden inner core in the reality of truth of what it truly is. The essence, when extracted, gives rise to understanding and wisdom, as we view or perceive that facet in our walk called life. Our life is the accumulation of many facets, or segments, that create who we are inside, and reveal the depth of our soul and understanding.
Love, is like the fathomless depths of a woman's heart, that no man could fully understand, nor measure. It is a deep revelation of the magnitude of God's love, for us.
Love, is the woman's soul, that gives so abundantly, without measure, to those things that are a part of her world. She unselfishly gives of herself and of her time, in myriads of ways, to those demands placed upon her, without complaint. She gives, because she wants to, because she loves.
Love, is the woman's mind, that sees beauty and colors, with intuitive perception, in a realm of softness and passion, without judgment. She nurtures, challenges, and provokes, to give rise to the creation and enrichment, of all she comes in contact with.
Love, is mans understanding, of the surety of strength and compassion, to those who fall within his realm of responsibility of his power and perception. It is the powerful movement of his soul, to do all that is within him, to provide in richness and in safety, to those who affect his soul, in majesty, and in strength.
Love, is the bonding of the souls, each complimenting the other, so they become as one entity or being. It is akin to the mystery of the trilogy of God, and of the trilogy of humans, each part separate, yet as one, within that realm of bonding. They cannot be separate, yet each facet or segment is independent of the other, and is an entity all to itself.
Love, is the creation of all things, the giving of all things, the eternal living of all things. It is the rich harmony of sense, and being. In the measure to which we seek and live life, without the pain and sorrow, yet it is a part of it, as we long for the simplicity of acceptance, understanding, and to be loved by another, in a fellowship that knows no boundaries of time or space, or limitations. It is without cost, but priceless, yet freely given, or received. It is the enrichment, of what we are, and who we are, as viewed from without, or from within. It goes to the core, within those walls we build to keep others out, probing gently the soul of another, in full revelation of what they are, without judgment, and with understanding. It then nurtures growth, gives encouragement, and brings peace, within.
© Copyright Jon C. Randall 1/29/2004
-All Rights Reserved-

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