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What do Israel and the United States have in common? They are a mirror image of each other; concerning their leadership, and course of direction.
Consider the mirror imaging of the leadership of these two countries: Clinton and Peres.
Both are leaders of their respective countries. Both have a liberal or socialistic agenda in their worldview concept of perception. Both are highly educated. Both manipulate the public's views through skillful use of media disinformation. Both do not have a military background, but control the military in their respective countries. Both are up for re-election and are on shaky grounds. Both are pushing an agenda that is detrimental to the well being of their respective countries, contrary to the desires of the majority of those citizens of that country.
Both stifle legitimate opposition by threats, force, intimidation, or selective screening to their advantage; both media and political. Both support Arafat who is bent on the destruction of Israel. Both have gone to Egypt for a "Terrorist Conference" which was strictly a photo-op to help their failing images at home and abroad. Both do not have a love for Israel, in spite of what they say or who they are; they have a love of themselves only in their desire for a place in history. Both are exceptionally dangerous men whom are in position of authority, controlling the destruction of their respective countries with their known values involving security, position, and the welfare of its citizens.
Now consider the mirror imaging of Israel and the United States, and their thrust of direction.
Both Israel and the United States have basically a divided nature, that is in thirds. The course of Israel is accelerated in thrust towards change, as opposed to the United States, which is on a slower path. Both will lead to massive destruction. I suspect that this difference in pace is due to the support or nurturing of the Jewish Diaspora that reside in the US, whom will eventually finance and re-supply the re-growth of Israel, after her phase of destruction in the near and immediate future.
Both countries, though listed as religious in nature, have turned their backs on God, elevating their reliance on the intelligence, capabilities, and understanding of men. They seek to implement intellectual means with socialistic programs and political concepts, instead of seeking His guidance. They both have placed the values of monetary comforts and ease of life as ultimate goals, using that as the standard of norm.
But this mirror, between the two, will be shattered! In the greatest hour of grief in Israel to come upon her, let the Jew rejoice! For their land, will be cleansed, by Him. And it will be their land, and theirs alone. And the United States, great sorrow, as she will be divided among many nations.
© Copyright Jon C. Randall 1996
-All Rights Reserved-


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