Contained within, are unique writings, deep studies, and knowledge of His will that is not normally given or taught in this day of time.  Truth, in its simplicity, is something often overlooked.

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The First Meeting

He waited patiently, sitting outside on the park bench, waiting for the arrival of that someone special. Glancing at his watch, he scan the wandering souls, looking for the familiar face he memorized from his many talks he had with her online. She was late, and his anticipation became mixed with concern, wondering if perhaps she wouldn't show.
He felt a gentle touch on his shoulder, and glanced around to see the woman of his dreams standing there. His heart leapt for joy, as his fears were now calmed. With gladness he stood up, drinking in her beauty, and gentle femininity. He moved behind the bench, taking her into his arms, pulling her close, to kiss her tenderly and deeply on her delicious mouth. Looking deeply in her eyes, with laughter in his, his joy was now complete, as she was there before him. The future, now unveiling, lay before them, as not a word was exchanged, their eyes revealing the acknowledgement they both understood that the future was theirs, to cherish and relish in its gentle flow with each other.
He took her wrists, pulling them behind her, and pulled her close, in the quiet acknowledgement of her submission to his power and strength, with gentle care he will show her in the coming days ahead. She yielded to him, not resisting nor stiffening, but allowing her body to press against him tightly, as she tilted her head back to let him kiss her long and deeply. Tongues entwining and probing, the subtle birth of passion rose within them both in his capture of his woman, in her feminine yielding to his will. Inhaling the depth of her fragrance that intoxicated him, her breasts pressed hard against him, and her softness enhancing his desires, that kiss lingered into eternity.
He quietly released her wrists, and relished in her arms around his neck, as their eyes probed the depths of their souls once again. "Hello, my love," was the first words he spoke to her. She responded, with a subtle smile, and a tear in the corner of her eye. He then understood that she loved him within her heart, and would never leave his side in the journey ahead.
He relished her femininity, as the gentle breeze softly played with her long skirt and hair, listening to her wonderful voice with sparkling laugh, as they walked the paths of that park. He loved her gentle touch upon his arm, as she held on, then he reached his arm around her waist, to draw her close. For the first time, true joy entered his heart and soul, ever grateful she was brought into his life. Their eyes told their own story as they both looked into the depths of the souls of one another. Life lie within renewed by a source deep within, that they both nurtured and cherished in this newfound birth of love. That bond, uniquely true, would never leave them all the days of their lives.
They talked long and quietly, enjoying the closeness of each other, oblivious to the world around them. It was their world, to nurture, to grow, to cherish, entwining so closely, wherein the richness of their love would form this solid foundation, upon which they would build their lives. This love, ever expanding, will suffice them totally, as they share the richness of their depths to the world around them in the future, healing those with its special touch. It will be a bond never broken, whether in life, or in death, it was theirs.
Aware that darkness surrounded them, they sought a place to eat. In the subtle din of that place, the reverie of their love stilled the voices, sharing wine, and food. He loved how she looked, and his eyes took in every detail of her beauty. Nothing escaped him; he took her in to his soul and memory, the hidden place that she would never leave. She now was a part of him, and took her life from him, and gave it back again, refined, as only a woman can do.
She surrounded him with her essence, her beauty, and her fragrance. Soon, she would surround him with herself, drawing his strength from him, to then nurture the passion he would show her, in an endless cycle of love. She would be totally his, as he would, of her, their lives changed forever, in the fullness of love, which only the two would ever know.
© Copyright Jon C. Randall
-All Rights Reserved-

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