Contained within, are unique writings, deep studies, and knowledge of His will that is not normally given or taught in this day of time.  Truth, in its simplicity, is something often overlooked.

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"I write what I see, and it comes from the heart." .....Jon C. Randall


Several years ago, I had a vision while just waking up. I was standing at one end of a long, wide, multilane bridge. It was overcast that day, and early in the morning. Instead of anticipating brightness, it was exceptionally gloomy and gray. I looked at the other shore, and saw thousands upon thousands of runners who were quickly approaching the opposite side of the bridge. Soon they were on that bridge, a mass of humanity, running steadily towards me. As they neared the center, they packed every inch of available space between the guardrails. Then the voice of God spoke to me, clearly saying, "GO, TO THE OTHER SIDE."
My first thought was, "I'm going to be trampled and killed!" "Was I hearing right?"
As this massive group approached me, drawing closer and closer, I tried to see the end of them. Yet I saw that they were still coming on the opposite shore, in unending numbers.
"What was I going to do?" I thought quickly. But I then realized to myself, that I have to trust God, no matter what the cost. Taking a deep breath, I started my walk towards that massive mob. Then the vision ceased.
It has been a lot like that in my life, always going against the grain. It's hard, and never easy. Many times it made me wonder why God had allowed this to be done to me. But now, I've come to age. I do recognize the purpose and His will for what has transpired in my past, and for the present. I can't complain, as I recognize it is because of His love for me.
The mass of humanity in the United States, and in the world, appears to be running rapidly towards their own destruction as the muted day is going fast. They bunch together, expecting others to fall in step in the course that they have taken. This truth is the same, whether in government or religion, the people following the leaders blindly, both not knowing where they're going. They are an endless mob, thinking they are doing good in their massive show of bodily exercise. IT PROFITS NOTHING!
The governments' entitlement and programs, or the endless false teachings and doctrines, have flowed over the centuries to captivate or bond together the masses towards a common purpose and direction. If it were in error, it makes no difference, as it is all done in the name of "Good Government" or "Religion". By their standards, woe be to that man that comes to them with thoughts of freedom and self-reliance, or with the truths and word of God. They will do their best to trample him underfoot to preserve the unity of the masses.
But this I say to the leaders, and to the masses, "Woe be to you in your attempts to trample underneath, independence and freedom, or the word and truths of God."
As for me, I will do my best, by the will and grace of God, to go to the other side in obedience to His word of command. It is my hopes, that some of you will turn self-reliant and productive, or go back to Him and His word, instead of following blindly those on the road to their own mass destruction.
© Copyright Jon C. Randall 1995
-All Rights Reserved-


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