Contained within, are unique writings, deep studies, and knowledge of His will that is not normally given or taught in this day of time.  Truth, in its simplicity, is something often overlooked.

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As you are well aware of, in this day in age, it costs time, money, and energy to maintain something that is useful for, or to accomplish something, for the benefit of others. Hence the purpose of this Donation Page. It helps to maintain the servers, equiptment, and other needed functions that are now a necessary part of this world we live in, and to enable us to do more for others as we can. This includes seminars, communications, and other things.
If you would like to make a donation to either Joshua Communications or Jon C. Randall, please click on the "E-Mail" button (the blue button top left), and send an e-mail advising what you desire to do. We will walk you through some easy steps for making this donation.

Once you have donated to us, you will be immediately notified of your donation, and you will receive an E-Mail receipt/response as well.

Jon C. Randall, Adm.
Joshua Communications

If you would rather send donations (such as a check or moneyorder), via surface mail, you can send them to the below listed address:

Jon C. Randall
PO Box 309
Cascade, WI (USA) 53011

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Jon C. Randall, is available to hold teaching seminars, conference participation, and other venues. Send an e-mail with pertinent information via the "E-Mail" button to request a scheduled appearance by him, or write to him via the "Contact Us" button on the "Home Page".

If you should have any questions, requests, or comments, please feel free to send an e-mail with pertinent questions or comments via the E-Mail links (or button), or please write a letter via surface mail. The "Home Page" has pertinent information concerning donations. Or you can send via surface mail.

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Musically Enhanced Site!

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