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THE Secret Rapture & Kingdom Dominion ERROR!



Jon C. Randall, Adm.

"Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather." [NASB]

"For wheresoever the carcase is, there will be the eagles gathered together." [KJV]

Jesus of Nazereth, the Son of God (Matt 24:28)

(Volume One)
Scripture taken from the New American Standard Bible, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968,1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation.
Used by permission.
[From my manuscript "ON TO MEGIDDO, [The Revelation]"
© 1987 Jon C. Randall]


Now preached and taught is the soon coming secret and immediate disappearance of believers off the face of the earth, creating catastrophic havoc all over the globe. (1) Another current teaching states, Christians will take over the world's functions, proudly and boldly to hand it over to Jesus when He comes back to establish His Millennial Reign. (2) These two teachings (the "SECRET RAPTURE" and "KINGDOM DOMINION" theories), are both erroneous doctrine and understanding. Those who teach or believe in either of these guesses have not had their minds opened to understanding of the Scriptures by His Spirit!

In His word is a remarkable series of events, which may radically alter how you believe and live in the short amount of time that we have left. The key to your understanding of the Scriptures by His Spirit is "to watch for THE SIGN OF THE SON OF MAN," (3) Who is The Son of God. There will be a "rapture" or "catching up" of the remnant of the elect in the future, with many current believers in Christ Jesus astonished at their fate on that day due to the choices they make in what they teach or believe.

We will go into great depth for understanding. I warn you ahead of time to be prepared to spend some time in His word (and before Him in prayer), to confirm those things you are about to read. The powerful religious media personalities, church or ministry leaders, and denominational heads may not like what you will see in this day. These just mentioned have usually parroted traditions and theories over the years. They do not like their positions of authority challenged, as it will affect their income, their following, prestige, and power; nor do they like great doubt cast on their character, their walk with God, and their line of reasoning.

When the Holy Spirit moves an individual to share an understanding in His word to those leaders, usually that group mentioned above will do their best to isolate or publicly attack that individual. They want to protect their personal domain, and keep you from learning truth. They are very similar to, or much like, the denominational leaders in the days of Jesus and of His disciples. Those denominational leaders were known as Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, etc. But YOU GO BEFORE GOD because YOU ARE ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for YOUR OWN WALK AND KNOWLEDGE of Him.


I cannot put any more emphasis on this one fact, we are going through Tribulation, contrary to what others teach or preach. Understand this, there is a division between the Tribulation Period and the Wrath of the Lamb and of God on this earth (these periods of Tribulation and Wrath to be covered in future articles). This is a far cry from the current teachings of ease, comfort, and escape we hear so much of lately. It's also contrary to those who teach that we will live on this earth until the Day of Judgment, with no mention of "rapture", and little said about tribulation. (4) We will see Scriptural fact concerning the sequence of events!

The Holy Spirit felt it important to include in the Scriptures (such as Acts 14:21-22, etc.), the encouragement of the believers to continue in the faith. This will be especially true during the time of Tribulation. Even the disciples of Jesus left Him when the going got rough, and His eleven remaining apostles fled when they saw Jesus being led away. The disciples lived in fear, with doors and windows barred, until after His resurrection; so much so that He had to appear in their midst and rebuke them for their unbelief and hardness of their heart. We're not to be like them in this respect, but to have bold confidence in Him and in His word. Eventually, almost all the disciples were killed. But before their deaths, it is recorded of the persecutions and tribulations they had to endure. I wonder how many Christians could go through what John went through, before he was left to die on the Isle of Patmos. In case you forgot, he was boiled in oil and banished.

Under the Antichrist, the situation gets worse. If you think what the Nazi or Communist tyrants did (as they committed their atrocities), when they took over individual countries couldn't happen here in the United States, you had better look around you carefully. Socialism is right at the door under the banner of the highly touted, greatly glorified, New World Order.

If you weren't so concerned about material gains, comfort and ease (and sought after God through His word to you), you would be truly amazed how close to being greatly persecuted we are. You can reach out and touch it, it is that close! If you think Socialism is nice, remember at what end of the gun comes the bullet when they tell you to deny The Christ as you watch your family members, one by one, being slaughtered. Is that plain enough? This is the United States of America that I'm speaking of, not some distant country.

There is so much that I desire to cover here concerning the "church" going through tribulation, but I'll have to save that for another article as the depth of it is massive. Again, I cannot put any more emphasis on this one fact, we are going through tribulation, contrary to what others teach or preach. Remember this, there is a division between the Tribulation Period and the Wrath of the Lamb and of God to come on this earth. Too often, everyone lumps them together as one act. These are two separate and distinct acts, interrupted by the "rapture", a removal before the outpouring of wrath. Examples lie in the stories of Lot, (5) and Noah.(6) In reading them, you may possibly get an understanding of what I'm saying. During this time of great tribulation, there will be a great falling away from the faith. (7) If the "rapture" (the catching up), had occurred prior to this Tribulation Period, we wouldn't have been warned about those who will come mocking and trying to guide us astray. (8)

This period of tribulation is going to be terrible, hard and cruel. This will be a period of great deception and deceit. Many false Christ's and false prophets will be here, along with the many who state "here He is" or "there He is", to that remnant waiting for His return. If the "rapture" had already taken place, and they weren't waiting, this scene would not be taking place! Everyone would have known that He had returned for His remnant, and there wouldn't be any doubt. Jesus even emphasized it further by comparing his return for the "rapture" with the lighting flash or to that of the vulture. Everyone knows when lighting flashes, you see it happen! The same concerns the vultures. If there is a dead body or carcass, what usually appears in the sky? If you see them circling around, you immediately know that there is dead meat out there. (9) Common sense tells you that, yet the leaders have perverted His truth.

To the church who has been taught that we are going to be "raptured" out before tribulation, when the hard times come, most of you will fall or turn away from the faith, and will be left behind. It is as simple as that! Yet, you are going to discover that God, in His great and wondrous mercy, has made a provision for you in a brilliant display of quiet mercy, which we'll cover much later in this article.


In the time frame we're in, the invasion and cleansing of Israel is long past.(10) The world had been set up into ten regional, geopolitical, and religious alliances. Then the Antichrist will successfully overcome three of them, causing the others to give their allegiance to him. Babylon is restored. The Holy Spirit has been removed(11) from the earth, and God has sent a deluding influence upon the earth.(12) Now it may be hard for you to understand this, but for this period of time, Jesus had already set an example at the cross for us who are still here and alive. Near the end when He hung there, He cried out to God (The Father) asking why He had forsaken Him(13) (what the Father did was turn His back on Jesus because Jesus bore the Sin Offering of the entire race of humanity). That what Jesus cried out was an acknowledgement of the separation. Then He had to totally rely on the Word of God, and in His power to raise Him from the dead.

What this does to us near the very end (just prior to His return for the remnant), is that we are going to have to totally trust in His word and in His power to raise us from the dead (if we have to face death and are killed, or just die naturally). Understand this, the "rapture" will not take place until after the Antichrist is revealed, and after the apostasy (or falling away from the faith).(14) If you read that in II Thessalonians, you will see our gathering together cannot take place until the revelation of the lawless one. It is plainly shown in this passage that we are speaking of the lawless one, the Antichrist.

What restrains him now? That restrainer is the Holy Spirit, not the "church" as stated by many. It will be the Holy Spirit, and not the church that will be taken out of the way during this period of Tribulation, so that the Antichrist is revealed. The Comforter was sent, the Comforter is taken out of the way of restraining, and a deluding influence sent upon the world. Don't confuse this with Jesus "not leaving us nor forsaking us", as He is in His word. The ultimate test of our obedience will be that if we are able to stand on our own two feet (based upon His word and His promises of a resurrection), facing that before us as free willed mortal men that we are. You will not be able to rely on someone else to guide you, for most have by now have turned on you. This includes the "church", the world, and members of your own family, all because of His Name. That name is Jesus; that name is THE LORD!

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